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With talent achievement career, with the cause of talent!

Talent is our first resource. Yunfeng tonalide rivers, gathering essence. Regardless of is the senior management personnel or fighting in the production, sales, research, service line, with their industrious hands to play their wisdom and intelligence, and constantly create a Yunfeng, the cause of ordinary workers, management personnel, marketing personnel, common research worker, is indispensable in the continuous development of the Yunfeng talents. We hope to have more people to join the ranks of Yunfeng business, more and more people pay attention to the development of Yunfeng!

Yunfeng person view

- "ability" instead of "education""

Have the ability and sense of responsibility of the staff is excellent staff, the ability to have no responsibility for the employees are not qualified staff.

Yunfeng YongRenGuan

"Gang for"

Kong appropriate to its ability, people have their place. Each position to choose the most suitable person, each person in the Yunfeng and can find the most suitable jobs.

Yun Feng view of Education

"Character of the building, the ability of the"Character is a prerequisite for measuring the quality of talent, the more deep character accomplishment, the higher the ability of the training and play. In the development of human resources in the Yunfeng, character and ability are the precious resource in enterprises.

Yunfeng View

-- "performance and potential, character and talent"Outstanding achievement is the foundation of promotion, and the development potential of the individual relative to the position of the future is also necessary. No performance can not be promoted; no development potential, also can not be promoted, which is consistent with the "Yunfeng YongRenGuan". At the same time, character and talent are the necessary conditions for the promotion of talents.

Yunfeng Liu view

-- "the cause of leaving people, treatment of the left, emotional stay"Pay attention to the embodiment of personal value of employees. Let everyone in for Yunfeng work at the same time, personal career to be successful, great improvement of material life, creating a family by emotion, so that everyone in the infection of the warmth of home care for each other, to support each other, work together to improve.